About Us

Callie's Closet by ittyArt was created by MaryBeth aka itty, and mommy of Callie. (that's me & Callie) MaryBeth was so tired of seeing the same bows on every website and wanted to offer custom and one of a kind designs for her daughter and all the other awesome little princesses that love to show off their individual style!! Our bows are hand tied, no sewing or glue & made in the no flap style that makes the bow sit up just right without any floppy pieces!

Callie's Closet offers rarely seen and unique fabrics for our bows, we even offer custom designed fabrics designed by our own artists that you will NEVER find elsewhere.. we will also be offering coordinating items for some of our bows which will consist of shirts, onsies and other fun goodies! Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with Callie's Closet!!